On the Road to Grand Canyon

June 20, 2016 … On the way across Arizona to the Circle Pines KOA in Williams, AZ, from where we will take our Grand Canyon tour.   We are getting excited about the Grand Canyon, which was the original inspiration for this entire road trip.  Below are some road scenes I’d like to remember from this day as we continued driving on I-40 through Arizona.
ArizonaRoad20160620_142328    ArizonaRoad20160620_143226



Caught in passing — this collection of teepees and stores is called Geronimo. Geronimo20160620_125331 - Copy GeronimoDetail20160620_125340

This is a close up of part of the above picture of the Geronimo complex – looks like they have quite a collection of Petrified Wood.


Below are some great road signs — with signs like these, we really felt like we were in the WEST.



Two Guns                                                                Twin Arrows

Buffalo Range Rd                                                    Meteor City Rd

Most of the land we passed through today seemed dry and empty.  Trains and trucks taking care of the business of US commerce were our main companions.


And the land was high ……..  over 7,000 feet elevation … this is called the High Desert.
Arizona-over-7000=feet-20160620_144700       ArizonaRoad20160620_131830

Tom took this picture of the Circle Pines KOA office while waiting for me to register

And here we are, below, all set up – the view from Tyrtle’s window as the sun sets.

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