oakcreek20160622_115719June 22, 2016 – on the way to Sedona, intending to experience the famous vortex.  We drove via the Oak Creek Canyon and Coconino National Forest. In some areas, the road followed the edge of dramatic cliffs with the canyon below. It’s hard to convey the effect in a photograph, but if you click on the photos below you will get some idea of the path. We did not go up here in Tyrtle – it would never have made some of the turns – but in Murtle, the Mini-Cooper.

  oakcreek20160622_1236220  oakcreek20160622_124822 

Some of the views were reminescent of the Grand Canyon, although on a smaller scale.

sedomadsc_6483  sedomadsc_6485


cococino20160622_133907   midgeybridge20160622_135227  oakcreek20160622_132622


sedomadsc_6446  sedomadsc_6451

This area also had hiking trails which we did not follow, but just stopped to look up the paths of the “roads not taken” …. one reason we suggest people not wait until their 70’s to begin this sort of travel.

sedomadsc_6459  sedomadsc_6465a   sedomadsc_6466



Continuing on to Sedoma
sedomadsc_6470   sedona20160622_135213

Sedona city limit sign (left) and some scenes from Sedona itself below.
sedomadsc_6479 sedoma20160622_143048  sedoma20160622_143143

We followed our GPS directions to the first VORTEX …. a magnetic center that is supposed to have curative or magical powers.  But the GPS said “You have arrived” in front of an Ace Hardware store.  The employees had no idea. One suggested following the detour sign at the adobe building (above) but it led nowhere recognizable.

sedoma20160622_144714 Continuing our search, we found the beginning of a rather long (for us) trail to another VORTEX (there are 3, I think) but it was unmarked and not very clear where we would end up, so we didn’t follow it, especially as our car thermometer had reached 103 degrees and we were reluctant to leave the air conditioned comfort of Murtle.   The sign at the beginning of the trail, however, was interesting – not about the Vortex, at all, but rather about preserving the “crust”  …. enlarge to read by clicking on the picture.

We still had hopes for the third VORTEX which was called the Airport Vortex.  We arrived at the airport, indeed, but nobody had any idea where the Vortex may be.  We gave up and had a nice airport20160622_153249lunch at the Airport restaurant.   It was decorated in black and silver, very elegant, and the food was good.  From our table, we watched the comings and goings of small airplanes, probably taking people on the advertised flights which included seeing the vortexes from the air.  I wonder if they passed over the Ace Hardware?




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  1. Markey says:

    Sedona is such a beautiful area. So glad you were able to go there.

    What is a real shame is the home built by the lasik dr that spoiled the gorgeous view from the church.

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