Cowboy Shootout and more in Williams, Arizona

June 23, 2016 – We were staying at the KOA campgrounds in Williams, Arizona while visiting the Grand Canyon and Sedona.  We decided to spend an afternoon/evening in Williams itself before leaving.   The “big show” in town in the early evening was a shootout performed in a street conveniently roped off by vehicles for the event.  We got a great film of the story “as it was reported in the newspapers” but ran out of battery before we could film the second part of the show — ostensibly how it really went down.  Very funny, and at least we can share the first half below.

Here is a shot from the “second half” … note the different costume worn by the girl friend. She turned out to be far from a sweet young thing, but unfortunately that’s all I can tell you about it.





As the sun set, we strolled about the streets, taking in the sights.  Below is a gift shop (left) and a Route 66 -era gas station, also turned into a gift shop.

williams20160623_195211  williams20160623_200144

Indeed, there sure were a lot of gift shops.  There is a lot of junk sold as local Indian jewelry all over the West, and there is a lot of expensive turquoise imported from other countries.  We had learned a little about it from our Grand Canyon guide, and learned more as we browsed. We finally chose a pendant made by Justin Morris, a Navajo silversmith of Winslow, AZ. There was a picture of him and his wife, Irene, on the storekeeper’s desk, and we reproduce it below.  Notice that the pendant is signed on the back.  If you like this sort of thing, you can Google his name and see lots of it for sale on Ebay and elsewhere.  See the little circles and feathers; they are typical of his work, but always make sure anything you buy claiming to be by him has been signed.

  williams20160623_201455  williams20160623_212626  williams20160623_212341


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