Little Rock Lunch


June 10,  2016 – After visiting the Presidential Center, it was time for lunch, so we headed for the River Market in Little Rock – at the corner of President Clinton Avenue and Rock Street.

The restaurant of River Market was basically a large warehouse with many diverse kinds of food available (below) from hot dogs to Chinese.


We ate at the Middle Eastern Cuisine and felt virtuously healthy.



Oops.  Tom caught me with the bowl of chocolate ice cream.


The architecture in the area was remarkable in its “unfinished” appearance – many buildings (including the Presidential Center) look as though they were inside a scaffolding.  Below is the Advanced Studies Institute across the street from the River Market.

As we left, we were surprised to see a trolley!!  You can see it through the rain on our windshield, I hope (below).  Looking it up later, I found that people can take tours through Little Rock on these vintage electric trolleys.



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