Argo Mediterranean Grille

argomapJune 27, 2016 – Having recovered from our slightly disappointing visit to our first In-N-Out Burger, we went looking for other restaurants today.

Only 4 minutes from our KOA we found several delightful eateries.  Close by, we also found our first Walmart with a palm tree in front!!

This is Argo Mediterranean Grille.  The painted wall decorations are elaborate and adorable, and the food is excellent.  You order at the counter, so the atmosphere is informal and fun.

argo20160627_160808  argo20160627_161156


A lot of art work went into the walls, and the food was great – very authentic.  I had a filafel plate and Tom had a lamb plate – both delicious.  And, would you believe … they use free range meat!!  (don’t even ask how my camera managed to lose the top half of the back of the brochure)

    argo20160627_161644  argo20160627_161712

I’ll add more to this page later, but will begin working on our Universal Studios experience now.






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