Harry Potter

potter-dsc_6584June 28, 2016 – Universal Studios. Stopping at the Hogwarts Express Train, we found ourselves in Hogsmeade where we saw the Owl Emporium, stopped at the Post Office to buy some postcards, and looked at the goodies in Honeydukes and Zonko’s Joke Shop.    The line was long for Butterbeer – a drink made from water, sugar, and butter, with a low alcoholic content (from which only house-elves have been known to get drunk).  I have been unable to find out if it contains any additives, nor the source of the alcohol.  If your house-elves tend to have fits easily like Dobby, it might be better to avoid it.

potter-20160628_112158In Diagon Alley, we stopped at Olivander’s (left side of large building below) to buy our wands (see wall full of wands, left).  Tom found a clone of Dumbledore’s wand (the skinnier, knobbier one), but mine is just a wand I liked. As Ollivander says, the wand picks the wizard.


The wands have sensors in the tip which “do magic” at certain marked spots in the area.  Tom plans to make a receiver for our TV so the wands can turn them on and do other magic in our own house.

Notice the snow (and even some icicles) on the roofs, gables, etc.  It was almost the end of June in California, so that really is pretty magical.

Below see Jonko’s Joke Shop (left) and HoneyDukes Candy Shop.

Notice the ButterBeer seller below.

Tom went on the Hogwartz ride and says he had to hold onto his hat the whole time. This one was posted on YouTube … it’s rather long even though I have set it to begin in the middle of the 8th minute, so fasten your seat belt:

Besides the wands, we bought Hedwig the white owl, who now guards the Petrified Forest Mountain Lion and the Penitentiary Cat, Dennis, on my bed, and a set of Wizard Chess:




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