Out of the Mojave

June 26, 2016 – continumojave20160626_102248ing west.  Lots of sand, gravel, and nearly bare hills punctuated by spiky plants.




Now here’s something interesting — in all this dry vastness, a cross-street named “Water Road” (click the picture to enlarge) … was there water somewhere? Or wishful thinking?

mojave20160626_111900Having been used to speed limits such as 45 mph and 55 mph, we were surprised to see this one.  Below are some interesting plants seen along the road:


Palm trees at a rest stop
mojave20160626_123316The Joshua Tree we had been told about in Needles – here’s one on the road (below)!!

And more of them
mojave20160626_154543   mojave20160626_153907


We had originally planned a Walmart stopover in Barstow, but as we neared the town and realized the temperature was 109 degrees, we decided an overnight stay depending on our own generator was not in our stars.  We drove straight on to our next camp ground.



Lots of trucks … and lots of trains … carrying goods from coast to coast.

You know you’re in California when Roy Rogers has his own road:

Lots of windmills across the  horizon

Continuing on down the highway


Towns we’ve heard of all these years!

Finally landing at our RV campground at KOA Los Angeles … complete with an angel

and a quick trip to our first In-N-Out Burger restaurant.  Actually, we had not realized it is not a restaurant but only a take-out.  There were, however, some nice stone tables where we ate our burger basking in the cool weather (only 90 degrees) after the Mojave temperatures.  A man approached a table and asked for a handout – within 2 minutes there were several police cars on the scene and they took him away.  We were impressed.  Looks like they take “no soliciting” very seriously at In-N-Out.


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