Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

July 7, 2016 – We took a short trip to Buena Park to have dinner at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure.   We began with circulating appetizers served in a big hall, during which we were introduced to the main players of the plot and divided into our groups.   Dinner was served during the main program, although it went down practically unnoticed in the visual excitement of the theatrics and gymnastics on a stage which was a boat surrounded by actual water.  We were seated in the very front row of the Yellow Section (wearing our yellow Pirate Headbands and Pirate’s Booty beads).

pirate20160707_185540Here is the leader of our  Group.  Note his yellow headband and costume details. Each group competed for cheers and the leaders were part of the performance too.

Most of our pictures were unclear because of the speed of action and the dim light with spotlights.  The short video below should be worth the click, however:

pirate20160707_183458    pirate20160707_194404 pirate20160707_194322 pirate20160707_194843a  pirate20160707_191929   pirate20160707_191945  pirate20160707_192148               


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  1. Pat Brooks says:

    Looks like so much fun!

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