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richardshula20160722_222545 July 22, 2016 – found us on our way to Sacramento where we stopped to visit with Richard & Prem Turner.  Shula worked with Richard back in 1998 on the fateful case of the Medical Board of California attacking a doctor for using medical treatments outside (and better than) the “standard of care” for disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome and ADHD.  Our success in that endeavor changed medicine – forever, we hope – such that doctors don’t have to fear using research-supported treatments for patients who need them, even if they are termed “alternative” by some.

Along the road, we noticed that there really are happy cows in California — cows not in a high-density CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).  Here they appeared to be browsing peacefully in the way God intended.

We had dinner at a delightful restaurant.  During the salad course, Shula discovered that one absolutely should not talk — or at least not also breathe while talking — with freshly ground black pepper on their salad.  But except for a minor choking episode, we had a lovely time at the restaurant and at their lovely home as well.


After his long career in the law, Richard decided to go into photographic art and has participated in a number of art shows.   His most recent book is called I Can’t Always See My Path … But I Keep on Walking which can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on the picture. It’s a large hard-cover book of lovely photographs and spiritual poetry that would enhance any coffee table.

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  1. Susan Adams says:

    Really enjoy reading your narrative.

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