Shasta Lake, California

tooregon20160723_125945July 23, 2016 — Driving north toward Oregon, we passed artistic walls along the road.

We also passed some beautiful lakes, and had a first glimpse of snow-covered Mount Shasta.



Mount Shasta is the white mountain in distance, behind the others.


lakesideinn20160724_125846We settled down for a few nights at Lakeshore Villa RV Park in Lakehead, CA, a lakeside town with a population of 461 as of the 2010 census.  Their restaurant was delightful with a mural of the lake and mountains.

Murtle the Mini-Cooper badly needed a car wash, and the closest one was a half hour south at Redding.  But it was worth the trip, as this car wash – called Premier Oil Change – was probably the glitziest car wash we have ever seen.  Murtle was very happy and clean.  We didn’t change her oil there, in spite of the name, since she didn’t need it.

I couldn’t resist — I made a video of our Murtle being washed.

The next day, we wandered about the lake a bit and took pictures …
shastalake20160725_172424 shastalake20160725_172420    shastalake20160725_172413 shastalake20160725_171720    charliecreekbridge-shastalake20160725_172534


Lots of pontoon houseboats were on the lake.  This is as close as we got to them.

lake20160725_174459  shastalake20160725_172447    lake20160725_174438 lake20160725_174447

We ate at the CookHouse in Redding


And from the CookHouse, we had a view of …. Shasta Lake of course.


Closer to home, we enjoyed several meals at the unpretentious Allyson’s Restaurant where the food was good and the people were friendly … and right down the street from our RV.



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