Universal Studios

universaldsc_6518June 28, 2016 – we took the VIP tour of Universal Studios – oh wow!

First we arrived at the gate where our car was taken to valet parking and we signed in.

Below is a collection of rather random pictures we captured while following our guide (the guy with the blue shirt holding a blue ball on a stick.

univdsc_6533Blue ball?

What blue ball?

Did this thing eat our blue ball?

Ahhhh … there he is


  univdsc_6524a univdsc_6530   univdsc_6529 univdsc_6527 univdsc_6522 univdsc_6519

univdsc_6534 univdsc_6537 univdsc_6543

univdsc_6538We saw a 4-D film “ride” in which these yellow things with eyeballs (your kids know what they’re called but I forgot) intended to make everybody in the audience one of them … it was enough of a ride to convince me not to try any future rides, while convincing Tom he can handle them just fine.


On to Waterworld (next post) where our guide explains that we WILL get wet.  He didn’t mention that the heat of the flames will be enough to quite dry us off, too.



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