July 18, 2016 – On the way to Yosemite National Park
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Tunnels took us right through the mountains.  Quite a few tunnels.  Lots of mountains.  We were driving the Mini Cooper, MURTLE, of course.




I managed to take a video through one of the tunnels


Several views of the Half-Dome formation

From afar … right in the center of the picture

Closer …halfdome20160718_130551

Closer …

… and closer …halfdome20160718_145701

Well, this was as close as we could get without getting out of the car …halfdome20160718_150234

Much of the forest in or near the park has been “thinned” by cutting, and sometimes by fires … the fallen or cut trees are left on the ground rather than cleared.  It is the “natural way.” yosemite20160718_114222



Many rock formations and cliffs were to be seen throughout the park.
yosemite20160718_131706     yosemite20160718_132213


yosemite20160718_134538      yosemite20160718_125508



This mountain is called El Capitan … it’s a vertical rock about 3,000 feet tall, with a number of named climbing trails straight up the face.  Wikipedia says it is one of the world’s most favorite challenges for rock climbers.









Below, Park Rangers control traffic along the winding roads.

Yes, there is actually a court house and even a jail on location for misbehaving visitors.    jail-large20160718_131753

And a small chapel where I suppose you might give thanks if you didn’t end up in the cell above.  Actually, it is called Yosemite Valley Chapel and holds church services and weddings year-round.

Well, while waiting for the Park Rangers to organize the traffic jam, we began to read the folder we had been given upon entry.  We were totally shocked to see this paragraph.

Iliont looks like while the Park Rangers may be protecting us from traffic and human bad guys, it is up to us to save ourselves when a mountain lion appears.  Uh oh.  When we got to the gift shop, we couldn’t resist it – we bought a baby mountain lion stuffed animal.  When we got back to Joyce and Lane’s house, we told the story and Tom threw the little mountain lion to Joyce who promptly karate-chopped it to the ground, clearly prepared to fight back!

Below is where President Roosevelt and John Muir sat in 1903 to discuss ways to save some of the American wilderness.  It is thanks to them that we can still see these places today.
roosevelt20160718_134431 sign-detaildsc_6768

That grey blob in the center top of the sign is a view of half-dome/

Many of the trees in Yosemeti are huge redwoods.  We’ll see more in Muir Woods, but these were unusual because of some strange growths on them.  The one on the left seems to contain a figure of a woman holding a child, while the one on the right has a NOSE on it — and look at the size of those nostrils!!

  treetrunk20160718_141507    yosemite20160718_150425

This is not a large animal at all … but just a rock.

More views … trees, mountains …


   yosemite20160718_150454    yosemite20160718_145624


I would have named this formation the Ten Commandments, but nobody asked me.



Those teensy little figures in the bottom right of the picture below are people.yosemitedsc_6788yosemitedsc_6787   yosemitedsc_6786


There are a number of water falls.  This one is called “Bridalveil Falls”  – waterfall20160718_140934

Below is a short video of Bridalveil Falls

Ribbon Falls, to the left of El Capitan

  waterfalldsc_6773    waterfalldsc_6772

We passed this local hostel  …. and were feeling very glad for TYRTLE accommodations.

However, if we happened to have needed a hotel, I think I wouldn’t have minded staying at the Ahwannee Hotel below where we had a snack before leaving.  VERY top drawer. hotel20160718_154546     hotel20160718_154233

hotel20160718_153216 hotel20160718_153544

Tom near one of the huge redwoods at the Ahwanee Hotel.  And again near a sign letting us know we are on our own should a bear appear.  (we saw neither mountain lion nor bear … just the signs)
hotel-tree20160718_153114     hotel20160718_153029

Shula with a strawberry milkshake on the patio          hoteldsc_6785

View from the patio.  hoteldsc_6784

More views from the patio of the hotel

view-from-hoteldsc_6782   view-from-hoteldsc_6789

And finally back home to TYRTLE.


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4 Responses to Yosemite

  1. Pat Brooks says:

    Beautiful photos of Yosemite — a photographer’s paradise!

    • Shula says:

      You’re right — we were so busy taking pictures of everything that later we had to look everything up to see what we had photographed.

  2. Markey says:

    Awesome to see Yosemite again – your photos makes me want to go back there.

  3. Shula says:

    me too … definitely worth a trip back

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