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February 23, 2016

Street Scenes

The famous Tower of Terror ride …. which I did NOT go on, being terrified just thinking about it.


(Stunt Dogs)

Hollywood-streetDSC_3989      Hollywood-streetDSC_3997      Hollywood-streetDSC_4020




Near the restrooms were some really strange trees with knobby ends instead of leaves






The Great Movie Ride


Ceiling decoration of entrance

In the entrance was a display of dresses worn by early movie actresses — the dresses are all in grey, black, or white, which makes sense since the films were black & white

Short clips of old movies played on an old-style screen while we moved down to the loading area
curtainDSC_4150 DancingDSC_4162

The ride itself was basically dark, as we traveled down a track from scene to scene. It was not easy getting good pictures, but we did manage some for you.  Most of the characters in the following scenes are mannequins, but some were real people.   You might recognize some of the movies these are from.

Sigourney Weaver playing Ripley in the movie Alien (1979)

Scene from Raiders of the Lost ArkMovieDSC_4091

Gene Kelly playing Don Lockwood in Singing in the Rain (1952) – singing the title song while swinging around the light pole

Our driver jumped off our vehicle because a robbery was taking place at the General Supply Store (left) and she got caught by the robbers.  All the actors besides her (in gray shirt and black pants with hands in the air) were manniquins (I think)

Shoot-out begins in front of us

Sheriff (below) is in the shoot-out with the bad guys (above) on the right of our vehicle.

Shoot-out with fire burning down the buildings – quite a drama but we don’t know what movie it is from.

Jane riding an elephant … we heard but did not exactly see Tarzan as he swung through the forest on the other side of us.

Dorothy, Tin Man, etc. in the Wizard of Oz

The Munchkins

Destruction of the Witch
witchOzDSC_4127     witchOzDSC_4122   witchozDSC_4119

Star Wars

Inside the Star Wars area there was a training center for young Jedi but you had to have a reservation and be under 12 …
     StarWarsDSC_4176 StarWarsDSC_4177

Indiana Jones and the Stunt Spectacular

We thought it was just going to be some stunts, but they really put the SPECTACLE in “spectacular” — this was terrific.  It was outdoors, and the huge sets were unbelievably different from each other.  It is hard to believe all this took place on one single stage.  It began deep in temple ruins as Indiana hunts the golden idol and gets run over by a gigantic ball …

The man playing Indiana Jones in this show was actually one of his stunt doubles.

Jones-1-DSC_4185  Jones-2-DSC_4187 Jones-3-DSC_4192   Jones-5-DSC_4196

Jones-11DSC_4205  Jones-9-DSC_4204
Uh-oh …

There was a crevasse along the side of the track the ball rolled down, and Indiana Jones could duck down and actually let the ball roll over him.  At least that’s what I think he did.

DSC_4208 - Copy  JonesDSC_4210

In the next episode, Indy has to save Marion from bad guys – the scene involves climbing and jumping off buildings, flipping and exploding jeeps, ….

Several audience members were chosen to be “extras” and were given costumes and actually participated in the show.

Here the bad guys are warming up before kidnapping Marion.

Here Indy rescues her as the bad guys climb up after them


Descending from the building … the fast way!


Bad guys bringing in a plane which taxis onto the stage …

As bad guy (left) leaves, our heroes run for the plane

And almost make it …

Bad guy comes back and objects to their taking the plane

As they begin to fight, Marion begins shooting the gun in the plane, which is now spinning in circles.   Her shots have set off explosions by hitting the gas cans (?) around the building … notice the wet streak heading from there to the plane. It is oil.  Or gasoline.  This is real fire — we can feel the heat.

The bad guy gets bashed by the plane propellers, and Indy and Marion run off before the plane itself explodes … Jones-edgedDSC_4263

All’s well that ends well.













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