Disney’s Magic Kingdom: Electrical Parade

February 29, 2016

We knew there was to be an evening parade but somehow we thought it would be a repeat of the earlier one.  We didn’t plan on watching it again, but found ourselves accidentally positioned in a corner near the Castle where passage had been roped off.


This actually gave us a great view, although the level of the crowd meant most of our pictures are partially blocked by heads distorting the lights.  The parade was fantastic, and our pictures are only a pale comparison.  Below are what we could capture.

Just before the street lights were put out to enhance viewing the parade.  The crowd itself was mind-boggling, and with our scooters we were literally trapped.  It’s a good thing we were happy about our position.

elecDSC_4785 - Copy

Several floats as they approached …. the lumpy black areas in front are just heads of those in front of us.

elecDSC_4848 - Copy

elecDSC_4845 - Copy



Mushroom with Butterfly;  Mushroom with Hooka-Smoking Caterpillar

elecDSC_4833 - Copy    elecDSC_4842 - Copy

Cinderella’s Clock striking 12



elecDSC_4808 - Copy

elecDSC_4821 - Copy

The final part of the parade was an eagle holding the end of the American Flag which rippled on and on in a very long streamer … maybe 30 to 50 feet …while fireworks flashed overhead …


…. with the message at front:  TO HONOR AMERICA.  It was very impressive as it passed slowly down the path.  Some of us were moved to tears.    elecDSC_4900

Our camera just could not do justice to this display — it’s one of those things you really just had to be there.


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