Disney’s Magic Kingdom: Day-time Parade

February 29, 2016

This place was so huge that after we parked (in the section called “Hook” which is part of the “Villains Lot), we had to take a tram to the train which finally brought us to the front of the Magic Kingdom.  On the way home, we took a ferry back to the trams which brought us back to the Villains and our car.


In fact, the Magic Kingdom is so huge that I am breaking up this blog into several parts — this one is the day-time parade.

The daytime parade is pretty special … here you can just see the first floats preparing to come down the main street from the Castle


Below are the best pictures we captured, not necessarily in any logical order.  Some of the characters we recognized, but some we didn’t … maybe we need a refresher course in Disney movies?

You can’t have a parade without a marching band, of course!

bandDSC_4376 bandDSC_4375

Groups of dancers of all sorts danced and pranced the entire length of the parade …

beautyDSC_4391   dancers-w-aliceDSC_4526

dancerDSC_4450   scotsDSC_4481         dancerDSC_4440  dancerDSC_4437  slidersDSC_4496


And the floats …. OMG!!  The floats were overwhelming!!


beautyDSC_4405  beautyDSC_4404

charmingDSC_4412   paradeDSC_4411

Parade-20160229_152055      Parade-20160229_152127

Parade20160229_152104 frozenDSC_4413 frozenDSC_4414



PanDSC_4461  TinkDSC_4469


PanDSC_4459  crocDSC_4478  HookDSC_4465


goofyDSC_4539 plutoDSC_4540 squirrelDSC_4542

\hairDSC_4491  hairDSC_4492

dragonDSC_4507    knightDSC_4503

miceDSC_4555   jimminyDSC_4523   aliceDSC_4527

grumpyDSC_4519  snowwhiteDSC_4530   pinocchioDSC_4531



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