Disney’s Epcot Day 1

February 18, 2016

The weather couldn’t be better !!  The first thing we did was rent two scooters.  Their maximum speed was about a fast walk, so no possibilities for drag racing here.   The second thing we did was eat a hot dog with chips in “Canada.” Somehow they taste better when they cost $8 each.

France20160218_170750 France-crepesPosing for the camera and eating crepes as we passed through France at Epcot

Fountain in Morrocco 
Morocco at Epcot: In front of intricately tiled replica of the Nejjarine Fountain in the old section of the City of Fez founded by the Idrisid Dynasty in the 8th Century.

Morocco20160218_180656 Morocco20160218_180322  Morocco20160218_162844  morocco20160218_180133
Street scenes in Morocco at Epcot

A market in Morocco at Epcot

horse20160218_180940    MoroccoMuseum20160218_181602
Many Moroccan festivals are accompanied by a Fantasia to celebrate the importance of horsemanship to traditional culture. In the Fantasia, riders in elaborate costumes gallop toward each other at full speed – then stop and fire their rifles into the air.  This life-size model Fantasia was in the small museum in Morocco at Epcot.  At right, above, Tom stands in front of an intricately carved panel in the same museum.

Marakesh20160218_190613  Marakesh20160218_190509
Dinner with entertainment at Marakesh Restaurant in Morocco.



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  1. Susan Adams says:

    Very nice pic of you two in Morocco with mosaic background. This is a great way to keep in touch. Love you guys, Susan

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