Disney’s Epcot Day 2

First Stop:


February 20, 2016

On the 35 giant monoliths in the Spaceship Earth courtyard,legacypics there are hundreds of thousands of one-inch-square photo etchings of guests.  This is the Epcot Legacy Sculpture, part of Walt Disney World’s Millennium Celebration beginning October, 1999.  Sales of the engraved pictures continued until June, 2007, and are expected to remain at least 20 years.  It’s something like carving your names in a heart on a tree.   The picture at right was borrowed from www.yesterland.com/legacy.html where you can see more of the history if you like.

People everywhere tend to pause, studying maps, phones, and sometimes hunting for familiar faces in the concrete.

The same structure from across the lake which is called the World Showcase Lagoon.

Inside Spaceship Earth …

Inside Spaceship Earth is a ride illustrating how human beings have been making their own future from their prehistoric beginnings (learning to speak and to hunt cooperatively) to the 21st century.  I managed to capture only a few pictures.  Below are some scholars during the Dark Ages buy copying books so not all learning would be lost.

Here is a computer center of more modern times:

And here we are in a future of our choosing:
FutureDSC_3398   FutureDSC_3405   FutureDSC_3403



Street scenes

DetaiMexicolDSC_3420   DetailMexicoDSC_3419details

Ancient Mexico Ride:

The ride was inside a building, even the open sky scenes, which appeared to be at night even though my watch said it was morning.  I was able to get this dramatic shot of a formidable altar upon which human sacrifices would be made. See the active volcano to the right of the altar.

Some scenes of the Mexico tour were far merrier:




Three female drummers performed on the porch of this building – unbelievable coordination and rhythms!

Japan20160220_161626    JapanDrummer20160220_161813


See the two little boys in front dancing to the beating of the drums JapanDSC_3540

All those drums must have made us thirsty.  Tom’s choice was his usual choice for outings, but I was more adventurous.  The red circle on the bottle proclaimed it as “Japan’s No.1 Green Tea Brand” … well I’ve had really nice unsweetened Green Tea before …. but this was not it.  The addition of a couple of pink packets of sweetener made it drinkable.

DrinkDSC_3552   DrinkDSC_3549


Performing outside the museum in which we had just watched a short movie – on Japan of course – these young acrobats were just amazing!

Japan-acrobatsDSC_3601  Japan-acrobatsDSC_3602  Japan-acrobatsDSC_3608


I have surely never seen anybody do what this boy did with that bowl.  I guess it’s a good thing for the US Soccer Team that he’s not a soccer player.  Among other things, he could turn completely around while the bowl didn’t move.  And he could make the bowl turn around while he stood still.  We got that on film below.
Japan-pot2DSC_3593 Japan-pot5DSC_3593 Japan-pot3DSC_3593 Japan-pot4DSC_3593




This group of performers sang a medley of popular songs from various decades of the past half-century.  And they sang a capello — with no instrumental accompaniment at all, using only their voices as instruments, not only for the singing parts but also the background — even including bass drum sounds.

We’ve never heard anything like it before.






Street scenes


Tom took this picture of me seated at the Neptune Fountain in Italy.












Lady and the Tramp:

Such “chemistry!”  Very adorable topiary, set in a flower garden in Italy.  Why is it that when plaster is missing from American building walls, it is just considered tacky or poorly maintained …. when it is missing from Italian walls, it is romantic?




Street scenes (I’m in one of them … can you find me?)
GermanyDSC_3450 GermanyDSC_3449 GermanyDSC_3447 GermanyDSC_3444

Snow White

We found them dancing through Germany.  Their somewhat green complexion is a result of being made of plants (“topiary” – one of my new words for the day)
SnowWhiteDSC_3455 SnowWhiteDSC_3458

Grumpy took a shine to me below:  SnowWhiteDSC_3465


The Outpost:

An African man sits hand-carving another elephant from black walnut wood. The other pictures are details from this one, showing the range of his hand-carved statuettes.  Now I’m wishing I had bought one.
AfricaDSC_3568  Africa-detail-hand-elephants  AfricaDetailElephantHeads

Africa-detail-giraffes    Africa-detail-people2

Dinner in Japan

We had dinner at a sleek, modern, Japanese restaurant called Tokyo Dining, which served authentic Japanese cuisine. From our table, we were able to watch the dramatic fireworks over the Lagoon.
JapanRestaurantDSC_3647  RestaurantDSC_3652

Me with our server

And at day’s end …

Here I shot a picture of tom shooting pictures of the World Showcase Lagoon

Passing through Germany again – beautiful!!Germany-clippedDSC_3639

And finally good night.

Goodbye Epcot!!  Thanks for giving us a great experience!!

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