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February 29, 2016

Meeting Mickey Mouse

I actually stood in line to meet a mouse.  There was a door for meeting Tinkerbell, too, but no line.  Maybe Tink was on coffee break?  I figured in Disney it doesn’t do to try the “path less traveled,” so I agreed to Mickey.  He performed a magic trick in which he read my mind – I picked a card and he said it was s Queen of Hearts …. all the cards were Queens of Hearts, of course.  How do I know?  He did the same trick with Tom, and admitted it.
MickeyDSC_4314    mickieDSC_4308

Meeting Snow White

She was really lovely with an uncanny resemblance to the “real thing” (the cartoon, I mean, of course).


Meeting Pluto




There was a “live” Pluto as well, just across the courtyard.  But this one didn’t have a line, and did have a passerby willing to snap our picture as we rested on the bench.






The White Ibis

Eudocimus albusbirdDSC_4346

According to Florida’s Springs these birds are most often found “congregating in small flocks near edges of headsprings and spring-fed rivers, probing the bottom for snails and small invertebrates.”

Not in Disney.  There, they are found most often in or near restaurants and other eateries where they compete with ducks and squirrels for dropped French fries.



Adventureland: The Enchanted Tiki Room

The decorations look pretty cool, and it promises an experience where the birds and plants “come alive” ….


See short video of waterfall

… but unless you really like the prospect of lots of mechanical birds shrieking at you and totem poles with moving mouths, don’t bother.  Although billed for children, I think it may be rather likely to give children nightmares.


There is a lot more to post about in Adventureland, so it will have its own blog.




Me with one of the camel statues decorating Alladin’s Magic Carpet Ride … it goes around in circles and is another one I did NOT go on … but you can click here to ride it yourself





Toward evening, we passed Tomorrow.  It was getting late, and we didn’t go on any of the rides  … but I thought the sign was pretty cool.


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