Meeting the Countess

November 20, 2015 … the beginning


Here we are on Spirit Airlines on the way to Florida to see if we want to take the Countess home.  It sure looked good in the ad.

It was just as great in person!  We flew our friend and truck mechanic, Ali, down to give it a below-decks exam and  he cleared it for road launching.

After a two-hour driving lesson, in which Tom only ran over one small post, we were considered ready for the trip home.  And drive it home, we did. Here is Tom driving our TYRTLE the 600 miles back to Atlanta.  A brave man, that Tom.driving20151123_133620One lesson we learned along the way is that you DON’T EVER want to fill up your 42-foot motorhome at an ordinary gas station even if they do sell diesel.  You want a truck stop.

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