Tom’s Birthday

February 25, 2016

It was Tom’s 71st birthday.  He would say it was the 21st anniversary of his 50th birthday …. and I wanted to do something special.  First we drove to Clearwater Beach, Florida, one of the best beaches in the world and only about an hour away.

We had to cross a very long bridge … so long we were warned to check our gas tank before beginning.

Parts of the bridge had grass and trees as well …


We stopped at Joe’s Crab Shack for an early birthday dinner of King Crab Legs.

The restaurant was rustic with an interesting ambiance.  Here are some large wall murals done in tile in the Ladies Room:
20160225_155152   20160225_155201

After dinner, we went on to the beach at Clearwater, near Tampa, on the Gulf of Mexico.  The day was chilly, but we walked along the beach, collected dozens of shells as the tide went out, and watched the sunset.

Below, Tom and I are not dressed quite the way we expected to be for a Florida beach, but staying warm was more important.20160225_175704 BeachDSC_3890

The beach was quiet, but yet there were people, a gift shop, a playground, a stage, and a pier.  Definitely part of civilization.

beachDSC_3918  beachDSC_3914





Top noticed this tiny little girl all by herself, and as we watched, a little boy ran up and hugged her.  How very sweet!  We wanted to share their affection with you.
2-beach-childDSC_3899    2-beach-childrenDSC_3905


Hunting for shells as the tide goes out

beachDSC_3975  Roses20160229_104908

The sand and shells were later used to create this little still-life on the small cabinet in back of the Captain’s Chair in Tyrtle:






A selfie in front of the sunset, more or less …20160225_182933

Time to go home

Happy Birthday, Tom!



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