Aunt Marge, Cousins Gloria, Gail & family

bondiimg_6247August 3, 2016.  Still at Lakeside KOA in Everett, WA, we visited with some of Tom’s cousins Gloria and Jack Kountz at their home in Snohomish, WA, about 15 minutes away.

They have a lovely house with spacious fields and animals — a miniature horse named Bondi who can pull a wagon and three little goats named Gweedo, Buddy, and Shiro.  Here is a picture of Gloria and Jack and the animals from last Christmas.

Gloria’s mom, Aunt Marge, and her sister Gail with her husband, Loren, and several of the grandchildren came over to visit with us there.  They were so very gracious and prepared a big spread for us.   Below are some of the pictures.


  • Back row (left to right):  Ashlyn & Colby (Gail’s grandchildren), Loren Wegener, and Tom
  • Front row (left to right): Kylin Andreotti (Gloria’s granddaughter), Gail Wegener,  Marge Carlson & Gloria Kountz.

Below are some nice pictures of Cousins Gail and Gloria, and Aunt Marge.


Here Gail is showing her mom how to use an app on her smart phone – Marge is very “with it” for 92!

Colby and his grandma, Gail.


Tom with Aunt Marge


And don’t forget Bondi the little horse below

redmond20160803_125642 redmond20160803_125344

lorenLoren has an interesting history — he is the only person that we know personally who survived a commercial airline crash.

Here is the story of what happened in his own words:  “I was still strapped to my seat inside the plane (Boeing 727).  The seat had pulled loose from the floor from the G forces and I ended up on my hands and knees in the aisle with the seat still strapped to my rear end.”

See a newspaper article of the crash.

lannathairestaurantAugust 7, 2016 —

Gloria and Jack came to Everett and we went to dinner at the Lanna Thai Restaurant nearby.  After that, we went back to our RV, TYRTLE, for more coffee and conversation.  Had a great time!!



chansrestaurantAugust 9, 2016 —

With Marge, Gloria, and Gail, we went to Chan’s Place, a Chinese restaurant in Woodinville, WA.    Tom took pictures of us ladies.



marge20160809_132657  marge20160809_132700 gloria20160809_1327190 gloria20160809_132719 gloria20160809_132720 shula20160809_132725 restaurant20160809_132727


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