Chihuly Gardens and Space Needle

chihuly20160801_183346August 1, 2016 – We spent the evening at Chihuly Gardens, in Seattle, finishing with the Space Needle next to it.  The Gardens were designed by Dale Chihuly.  He blows shapes of colored glass and fastens them together to make astonishing and beautiful constructions.  I am including lots of pictures but to appreciate them, click each one that interests you to enlarge it.

Our video of the entrance area

The Sealife Rooms

Some of the creations are relatively small, just a few inches, and others are huge – roomsize – constructions.  Here are a few bowls of … insects and other things with legs on spindly glass “plant” stems.

chihuly20160801_185515 chihuly20160801_185535  chihuly20160801_185630


Ari and Mary at the small end of a room-size colorful creation Chihuly called a “Float Boat.”

Details of the above boat from various angles

chihuly20160801_190402 chihuly20160801_190821



Note the tiny sea creature shapes embedded in these creations which (I suppose) are intended to represent seaweed or other underwater plant life.

   chihuly20160801_185558  chihuly20160801_185631

Another huge Float Boat.   Notice the reflections in the water.


The Persian Ceiling

The white walls of the room reflect the light of what’s called the Persian Ceiling. Nothing else is in this room but a single bench where people sit for a while to soak in the experience.  The people below are not part of our party; they just happened to be there.


Below are some details from the Persian Ceiling (above)

chihuly20160801_190004 chihuly20160801_190008



The Chandeliers

These hanging glass chandeliers are each created from hundreds of individually-blown glass pieces.

chihuly20160801_191119   chihuly20160801_191234   chihuly20160801_191309 chihuly20160801_191352   chihuly20160801_191433   chihuly20160801_191453

The Macchia Forest

chihuly20160801_191708Chihuly began the Macchia series in 1981 with the desire to use all 300 colors available to him, and named Macchia which means “spot” or “stain” in Italian.  He experimented with adding a white layer between the inside and outside colors, to increase the vibrancy of the colors. and he some of these “flowers” from single pieces of glass are up to 4 feet in diameter.

To get a feel for size of these “Forest” flowers, notice the man in black at right of the picture below..

The speckled colors were created from rolling the molten glass in small shards of colored glass during the blowing process.


The Gift Shop

chihuly20160801_185209Besides various trinkets in the Gift Shop, there were some delicate creations by Chihuly himself for sale.  This flesh-colored container with smaller ones inside it had a price tag of about $12,000.


I bought a spiky ceramic coral flower for $21 which I managed to break within a week.  :(


The Glass House

Besides the hanging glass “blossoms” which Tom can (almost) touch, notice the view of the Space Needle from inside the glass dome.

chihuly20160801_191945 chihuly20160801_192043 chihuly20160801_192107

The Glass House from the outside


The Wheel Chair Story

We had asked for a wheel chair to use since Tom’s legs had been bothering him and there was a LOT of walking.  Mary had been pushing  him for a little while when he decided to take a break and got Ari to sit in the chair.  In fact, we all took some turns.  Then in the gardens, Tom began running down the path telling people “Excuse Me, Excuse Me.” they must move because “Ari had to pee.”  People jumped in all directions!  Tom was having a good laugh …. while Ari just sat phlegmatically through the whole thing.  I thought he might have been embarrassed, but when Tom asked him if he wanted another turn in the chair, Ari hopped right back in. Tom was having way too much fun.  Sorry, I missed a photo opportunity.

The Gardens

Neither inside nor quite outside, this hallway was a good place to stop and rest a bit while ogling more hanging creations.

chihuly20160801_192453 chihuly20160801_192509

Mary among the red “candles”


The Gardens consisted of areas of color created by glass shapes nestled among the real greenery.

chihuly20160801_192714    chihuly20160801_192734 chihuly20160801_192756

This large yellow ball of glass squiggles is called the Sun.  It sits on a small elevation surrounded by greenery.


 chihuly20160801_193402    chihuly20160801_193648


Notice that you can see the Space Needle reflected in the balls and other shapes.


chihuly20160801_193253chihuly20160801_193154 chihuly20160801_193219

chihuly20160801_193339  chihuly20160801_193508 chihuly20160801_193514

Ari and Mary couldn’t resist playing among the “flames” of this display.  Tom says he thinks they’re being Safari Hunters … I say people in flames.

CHALLENGE:  Suggest some captions you think fit the next three (3) “Mary & Ari in the Flames/Safari” pictures below. Please …

chihuly20160801_193945 chihuly20160801_193948 chihuly20160801_193955

These enormous flowers can be seen even from a distance. Well … maybe its because they’re taller than the buildings!


The Space Needle

After a snack dinner of deli meat sandwiches, we rode the elevator up to the top of the Space Needle.  The top is about all there is, of course, with a description of its history and viewing windows.  Here I am with Ari and Mary in front of the viewing window


The back of Tom’s head as he takes in this breathtaking sunset


And below are some views from that window, which goes all the way around the Needle



Lastly, a short video:


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  1. Susan says:

    Another great adventure. Love these pix! Love this artist.

    • Tom Noesges says:

      Your appreciation along with the time spent with Mary and Ari, combined with the Space Needle and Chihuly Gardens is like a magical fairy tale with many Happily Ever Afters.

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