Last days in Washington

August 10-12, 2016 – last days in Washington ... and on to Idaho.  We had a “last supper” with Ari and Mary at a little restaurant with long tables and benches – our table was on the actual outside wall, so that Ari and Mary sat outside, right on the sidewalk, while we sat inside at the same table.  Among other things, the restaurant served steak made from cows that had been given daily massages.


The next day and night we spent “at home” in a nearby garage where TYRTLE had a bath, and we had some repairs made, fluids checked, and propane tank filled up.



One of the workers showed us the Mini-Cooper he was overhauling.  Boy, they sure pack a lot of “stuff” inside those tiny cars.chucks20160811_143232

Here was a hamburger restaurant too cute to miss.


And finally, some road pictures down Highway 90 East on the way from Washington, towards Idaho and daughter Rebecca’s 50th birthday.

road20160812_141716   road20160812_141744 road20160812_142312 road20160812_142724   road20160812_143021   road20160812_143311   road20160812_144733 road20160812_145432   road20160812_145725

Those aren’t birds or animals sunning themselves along the shore – rather they are stumps of trees, of what must have once been a small forest.


You really know you are in the West when you see signs like this below:


And dramatic landscapesroad20160812_183205

fruitantiques20160812_184807aOkay … anybody like to guess what they are really selling here at FRUIT ANTIQUES?  Not old fruit, surely?  Finally, near sunset, we reached our night-time stop at Walmart (surprised?) at Yakima, WA. road20160812_200452_lls

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