Google Picnic and…

google20160729_134935 July 29, 2016 – My son, Ari, works at Google in Seattle, and he had two tickets to the Google picnic, which was held at University of Washington, so I met him at his apartment via Uber and we went together.  There was food inside … and food outside … and all sorts of games and races.

Some of the food was quite elegant, and they also had the best-ever corn on the cob with a whole table full of possible sauces, ice cream floats, and of google20160729_133512course hot dogs.  Veggi dogs?  Yes — Veggie dogs too. 

Ari agreed to climb the rock wall.  Here he is getting the “feel” of it.




And there he goes … !!

google20160729_134701    google20160729_134620    google20160729_134650

Later, we joined up with Mary, who had been in a class, and we went house-hunting.  They had picked several nice ones to look at in an area with the kind of schools they will want for their kids … some had fruit trees and lovely yards.

houses20160729_171446 houses20160729_171558

Some didn’t but still held good possibilities …

houses20160729_164718 houses20160729_164829

One seemed to have been built for a very short family … yes, his head hit the ceiling and he was taller than the door … and could not reach the sink without bending.  True, Ari is tall (6’2″) but not THAT tall.

houses20160729_181036  houses20160729_170543  houses20160729_170743

They put a bid on one or two of the houses that week, but apparently the market in Washington is very tight and people are offering far more than sellers are asking, so Ari and Mary are still looking.

We finished the evening at an Asian Fusion restaurant in Everett called Terracotta Red.



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  1. Susan Adams says:

    What a great visit with your son!

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