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August 19, 20, 2016 –  We visited daughter Rebecca Evans’ recording studio which is set up in a large room at a local hotel in Boise, Idaho.

Here, Rebecca and her camera man do the setups, makeup, and filming of a variety of people who are doing interesting and inspiring things in Boise.   We had the privilege of actually seeing the interview unfold, complete with camera, lights, retakes, wires, etc.  At right, and below, she is preparing Jan Reeves, Director of the Idaho Office of Refugees for his interview.


intervieww20160819_122457  interviewer20160819_122455 

Now that you’ve had a sneak preview with us, see the actual Our Voice segment .

janreevesBelow, Rebecca is preparing to interview Beth Cunningham and Greg Metsker of the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  She has put that together with a visit to a training class where she actually learns to fry an egg and cross a street while blindfolded.

bethcunninghamdsc_7086  recordingdsc_7104

See the segment below:


Next, Rebecca interviewed Erik Brine, Tom Abbot, and Stephen Covall – three veterans who are part of a group called Operation Encore.  Through their music, this group tells stories that veterans have experienced through their military careers, putting it in a context that everybody can understand.  It is a way to bridge the gap between veterans and non-veterans with a shared love of music.

What was amazing about being there is that in spite of being surrounded by lights, cameras, wires, screens, and various unrelated people (us), the results are so cohesive.  Astonishingly, that one plant in the corner lends a peaceful air to the interviews, while the blue screen in back of Rebecca is all the “background” she needs.  A good part of the credit goes, of course, to the cameraman, Aldis, who didn’t say much, but just did his magic.


recordingdsc_7153  recordingdsc_7121

From left to right, below, are Erik Brine (Co-Founder & Manager), Stephen Covall, Rebecca, Tom Abbot, and Aldis the Cameraman.


See the finished Our Voice segment below:


That was all for the hotel interviews … but that was not the end of the day for Rebecca and Aldis!  At the Hemmingway Center of Boise State University, Rebecca had one more interview, this time with Sofia Test, a teen musical prodigy.  Rebecca was wonderful at making Sofia feel comfortable in the interview situation.

pianodsc_7192  pianodsc_7225

We were honored to be there watching as the following segment of an Our Voice program was created. Sofia is obviously headed for great things, and as Rebecca says at the end …. “you saw her here first!”  (these first two videos are from Tom’s camera)


And below is the professional version by Aldis for Our Voice.



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3 Responses to “Our Voice” – Interviews

  1. Susan Adams says:

    Thank you for sharing this. How interesting! I know you are proud of your daughter & blessed to have been able to visit her.
    Love you guys,

    • Tom Noesges says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing Rebecca’s work. Isn’t she and the people she interviews incredible!
      Love you, Tom

  2. Shula says:

    Thanks, Susan, we sure are! :)

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