Rebecca and the Boys

August 16, 2016 – morning in Rebecca’s house.  She met us still in her PJ’s, and here we are with her in her driveway.  But forget about us … See the little house in the foreground, right at the juncture of her driveway and the sidewalk?  This is a little library she has created for children in the neighborhood.  They can freely take a book, and they can also leave a book that they have finished with and would like to share with others.  What a very cool idea!!


Here is Rebecca preparing breakfast for her 3 boys …

rebecca20160816_083711    rebecca20160816_083742

From left to right, and youngest to oldest, they are Julian, Preston, and Zach.


julian20160816_093704   boys20160816_092859


Having survived breakfast time … we sit a bit for a second cup


Rebecca is Tom’s daughter by his first wife.  Which explains, of course, why she doesn’t look like me.

shulashula20160816_092921    rebeccadsc_6885

Here’s Julian at his exercise class, August 17, 2016

juliandsc_6903     juliandsc_6891


And later the same day, all the boys had martial arts.




martialartsdsc_6958      martialartsdsc_6971

martialartsdsc_6969   martialartsdsc_6963a


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2 Responses to Rebecca and the Boys

  1. Susan Adams says:

    Family is so special – thanks for sharing your visit. Love you guys, Susan

    • Tom Noesges says:

      The feeling of fulfillment and completion was overpowering while with my daughter and the boys. This was the first time I met Julian … delightful. Family is vital. You’re right Susan. We love you as well, Tom

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