Spending Time With the Allbritten Family

Finally, after two days on the road with TYRTLE we landed in Indiana on September 17, 2016 for a planned visit with Tom’s son David and his family.  Mile 5,777 of the trip so far. Whew!

We stayed at an RV camp called Pla-Mor and we had the experience of driving in back of an Amish buggy.  They were very polite, moving to the side to let us pass.


Tom wanted to take a selfie of us, Brenda and David – and decided to keep snapping pictures until we stopped goofing around and “got it right.”

  indiana20160916_181433  indiana20160916_181431  indiana20160916_181432

Brenda and David’s house had become a depot for drop shipping items we ordered while on the road with TYRTLE.  Below, right … here I am with my new birthday guitar on my back and some of the several boxes of stuff.

BTW – The selfie below is the “right one”

indiana20160916_181420   indiana20160916_221747

wings-restaurantWe went to Wings Etc. Grill & Pub for lunch and below are some photos of the “Men’s Room” wisdom (posted above the urinals and elsewhere) which were snapped by Tom upon his visit.


As we waited for a train to pass, I took a few pictures of the cars, some with elaborate graffiti. Nothing special about this train other than I just REALLY like watching trains go by when they pass right in front of me!

train20160917_105215_lls train20160917_105205_llstrain20160917_105133_lls

We traveled with Brenda and David to attend grandson Sam’s soccer game at Hope College in Holland Michigan.  When not playing soccer, Sam is majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.  Sam is #25.  The kids marching out with the players were from some local children’s program.

gamedsc_7512  gamedsc_7518



gamedsc_7638   gamedsc_7610-a gamedsc_7613  gamedsc_7624 gamedsc_7617

gamedsc_7606   gamedsc_7609 gamedsc_7588

gamedsc_7594   gamedsc_7555   

gamedsc_7543gamedsc_7558  gamedsc_7546gamedsc_7535  gamedsc_7526gamedsc_7534  gamedsc_7530gamedsc_7536  gamedsc_7525

dorm20160917_220525After the game, we got a glimpse of Sam’s dorm room — it contains a bit of everything one could want in an unbelievably small space.  There is a couch (where I am with Sam’s girlfriend Pam, standing, and her mom Jolie sitting next to me on the couch – right) with a bed above it; a fridge, TV, desk and decorations.

Left: Sam dorm20160917_220619 in front of the fridge  & Grandma Christina partly visible under Sam’s left arm. Grandpa David (below). grandpadavid20160917_220636

Desk, computer, books, bookshelves … and notice the ATF shield.  Is that a clock on the ATF shield?  Tom says nope … if it were a clock the hands would show 10:10 not 8:20.dorm20160917_220650


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