Sweetwater and Ohio Northern U.


September 20, 2016 – With David and Brenda, we visited Sweetwater – called the Google of music.  Indeed, there is a slide (below) for those too hip to walk down stairs.  In the first two pictures, see Tom and David with our agent, Matt, who sold us a variety of musical instruments.  Whenever we call Sweetwater, now, Matt answers directly and knows who we are. Unbelievable customer service!!

sweetwater20160920_162119   sweetwater20160920_162218

snuggles20160920_125121As we drove along, we saw this sign — I have no idea what it’s about since we didn’t stop,  but my grandson Joseph has gone by the name of Mr. Snuggles since birth, so how could we resist capturing the picture?

In several places we saw life-size statues of ordinary people.  The plaque on this one says, “Building Better Neighborhoods.”  The sculptor is Seward Johnson and he has a series of sculptures like this called “Celebrating the Familiar.”  There were also some sculptures of young people waiting to cross the street – at first we actually thought they were real.   So here’s Tom as the running man sculpture.


Back home in TYRTLE, I set up my new keyboard (with headphones)  and begin my first guitar lesson.
piano20160922_140149  guitar20160922_183448

September 21, 2016 –  As we were leaving for Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio, to watch Grant play soccer, Tom wanted a picture with David’s snow blower (he hasn’t seen one in over 15 years) – a machine not needed in Georgia, of course!!

Grant is a senior at Ohio NorthernUniversity majoring in biochemistry, and next year will begin studying medicine at Lincoln Memorial University’s DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine.

On the way we saw windmills.


windmills20160921_165520Lots and LOTS of windmills.  It’s hard to appreciate how gigantic they are since they have such a graceful and slim appearance.  Put it this way:  A truck passed us carrying ONE of a windmill’s arms and it took up the entire 18-wheeler space and then some.  And it is not straight, but is curved in a manner that makes it look rather like something that should be on a space ship.  Wind is a force to be reckoned with.


At Kerscher Stadium … Brenda and I have the best seats … well, er … we actually do have seats, too, but can you resist standing when you are this close to the action?

soccerdsc_7773As an apology for the poor quality of the soccer pictures:  The soccer game was held in the early evening, and Tom set his Nikon film speed for 3200, which allowed him to stop action at the cost of some graininess.


Here is the ONU team lined up with a group of children, also in uniform, who later played their own game.  Below, Grant is #5

soccerdsc_7774a   soccerdsc_7775





soccerdsc_7788a   soccerdsc_7800  


soccerdsc_7793   soccerdsc_7794

soccerdsc_7795  soccerdsc_7814

soccerdsc_7797  soccerdsc_7798

soccerdsc_7799  soccerdsc_7802a


soccerdsc_7803 soccerdsc_7804a   soccerdsc_7822

soccerdsc_7817     soccerdsc_7821

     soccerdsc_7828     soccerdsc_7835

It’s all over — and ONU won 4 to 0

soccerdsc_7831  soccerdsc_7837

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