February & Tom’s Birthday

February 2017

We’ve spent 137 days admiring far vistas … but Georgia, too, is beautiful.   This sunset picture was taken at Hames & Highway 92 right before turning into our own street.


Here I’m preparing to try playing chess again … I have won 7 games out of 700 tries with Tom.  I need to find a suitable partner — one who is as bad as I am.  In back you can see some of our chess set displays; we have a collection and it was nice seeing them all again.


I have my carry license now and here is my teensy 5-shot Derringer revolver as it slips into its zipper in my purse. Below is my old 1995 red Geo Prizm with its new coat of paint and body work on each fender.

blossoms20170225_175759In this view from our front porch,  the write sprinklling on the trees is not snow — no, it’s only February 25, but these are the first blossoms of Spring !!

Speaking of February 25, this is  Tom’s 72nd birthday, and below we all are at Gondoleria Restaurant.  In the first picture, Tom is wondering what that thing is on his cake — but then all applaud as it explodes when lit into an abundance of twirling candles

toms-bday20170226_173131 toms-bday20170226_173201 toms-bday20170226_173210 toms-bday20170226_173236

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