Rescuing Freeda the Cat

January 3, 2017

We had been feeding this little feral cat named “Little Tiger” for a few years, but usually had to stand guard to let her eat because the other tougher feral cats would scare her off.  She had obviously belonged to someone somewhere and was more than willing to be an insider again.  So when the first week of January 2017 brought a promise of very low temperatures, in the teens, we gave in and brought her in.

freeda20170103_141404   freeda20170103_141215

freeda20170106_162400 freeda-at-vet20170106_161615Here we are at the local vet, where she was chipped and treated for an ear infection. She had already been spayed in her past life, but was given new vaccinations.  This vet – as every vet since – told us she was the best behaved kitty they ever had. 

And here she is back at home with her new friend Tom, and beginning to explore her new home.  We changed her name from Little Tiger to Freeda since she was adopted as an indoor cat on a Friday, which Tom calls the “Free Day.”

    freedaimg_20170107_123851 freedaimg_20170107_123532   freeda20170107_123514 freeda20170107_123400    freeda20170107_124437

 freeda20170313_221945 freeda20170313_222014

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