March in Georgia

“April showers bring May flowers” … so goes the old rhyme that I learned when I was a Yankee.  But not here.  We missed the February slush and sleet, returning from Florida just in time for the March bloom.  Trees are full of white blossoms and purple blossoms; daffodils are everywhere; and our old azalea bushes (above) are just bursting with pink.

pantry600TYRTLE is spending March at the RV shop in Chattanooga where she is getting her slide-outs sealed and some of her systems updated and/or overhauled.  So my first project back at the old homestead was to reorganize the pantry.  I am not a neatnik – this is probably the first top-to-bottom do-over this pantry has had in the past decade – so I am very pleased with it.

When Tom first saw the reorganized pantry, he said, “where’s all of our stuff?”  I had to admit to throwing out everything with a “best by” date earlier than 2015.  And a bottle of wheat grass I never used, don’t know how to use, and have just kept on the shelf to figure it out one day …. my how time flies.

Shockingly, there is actually empty space now …. time to go shopping, right?

My next project, for today, is sewing together all the squares of an afghan that I crocheted about 8 years ago.  I’ve never sewn squares together before, so I kept putting it off …. we call this the Rosen Clock Syndrome in our house, for reasons probably better left unexplained.



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