On Our Way Again

June 5, 2016  — we’re on our way.  In this video clip, we approach our very first KOA stop on the way to the Grand Canyon

Here we are at the KOA campground at Lookout Mountain in Trenton, GA, for our first stop.  Okay, actually, WE are not even in these pictures. We seem to never tire of taking pictures of our new “baby”

KOA-Trenton-DSC_5441 KOA-Trenton-DSC_5436

Views from our windows …. children’s playground and small cabin, below.  This was a well-kept, family-owned, friendly, really nice place.



June 7 – back on the road again …. going west … beautiful day, beautiful road, with lovely rock formations.  They were made by drilling holes and inserting dynamite to give us such a straight level road, but they give the illusion of driving through giant sculpture.

road-20160607_144019b road-20160607_145025road-20160607_144019a

Ramp to the sky? End of the road?  Nope, just a hill.


And finally ….  at rest for the night, boondocking (free camping) where I could do a bit of shopping (but I still forgot to buy ice cube trays!)

and watching the sun set over Walmart from inside our cozy TYRTLE.



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