Kibbutz Misgav-Am

March 27, 2017

After visiting the Hula Valley Reserve, we drove signdsc_8562north to Kibbutz Misgav-Am directly on the border with Lebanon (see map).  The name Misgav-Am means “Fortress of the People.” It is a small but strategic kibbutz, established in 1945.


misgav-amdsc_8591   misgav-amdsc_8604

misgav-amdsc_8593On this fence near the metal monument (above left)  is a little sign which translates:  “Dear Dog, Here is not your bathroom. Thanks,”

It is not necessary to include Arabic and English, like most signs in Israel, because – presumably – all Israeli dogs can read Hebrew.

Here is Tom with Arya Ben Yaakov, a kibbutz leader who gave us a talk which I didn’t film, but below are two of his similar talks to other groups – the first to a group of Hungarians, and the second is a question-answer session with a different group:


Below is a panoramic — and close-up — view of Lebanon from Misgav-Am posted on YouTube by Abed Issa in 2011

Our views from the Kibbutz: misgav-amdsc_8606   misgav-amdsc_8607

Some pictures of us with the Israeli soldiers on duty at Misgav-Am:
misgav-am_20170327_125004   misgav-amdsc_8615

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