City of Safed (Tsfat)

March 27, 2017

Driving south from Misgav-Am (see map) almost half the way back to our hotel in Tiberias, we stopped at Safed (Tsfat), the center of Jewish mysticism (Kabala).  The group visited the Joseph Caro and Ha’Ari synagogues and strolled around the famous Artists’ Quarter.

By this time, however, Tom and I were so tired we couldn’t face another walk up the street to a synagogue, so we sat at some little tables across from some quaint shops, ate ice cream we bought at a little shop named “Taste of Tzfat,” (below right), watched the people passing, and marveled at the intrepid driving of the too-many buses and cars squeezed into the little roads.

tsfatdsc_8677tsfatdsc_8669 tsfatdsc_8668


tsfatdsc_8688 tsfatdsc_8693



The following pictures were taken from the bus window as we drove along the Sea of Galilee to our hotel at Tiberias.busviewdsc_8786

busviewdsc_8777  busviewdsc_8767

busviewdsc_8773       seadsc_8738

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