On to New Mexico

June 14, 2016 … after driving straight through Texas, we entered New Mexico.

Another beautiful day.  New Mexico promises to be far from flat.

At left below is the New Mexico version of the familiar “Bridge Ices Before Road” sign … and on the right Tom takes a selfie of us with our new cowboy hats.

At a New Mexico rest stop … see all the little sage-like plants growing everywhere. Beginning to look a  lot like desert.
Tucumcari-Reststop-2-DSC_5674   Tucumcari-ReststopDSC_5674


A beautiful day in the neighborhood … uh, desert …. click on the picture to see details if needed, to see dry land background and little sage plants in foreground, and Shula with her new cowboy hat (on backwards by accident). Good thing she’s on a bench and not on a horse. These hats are great for shade and awful for driving cars.


The flat-topped mountains called mesas (I think)


Here we are at our new “home” in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

All hooked up

and noticing some local pets (?) that aren’t dogs.


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