On to Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 16, 2016 – Here we continue to follow New Mexico’s Route 66 (well, really Highway I-40) on the way to Albuquerque.Way-to-Alb20160616_141826

Walls and sides of overpasses or bridges are frequently decorated in New Mexico.  I was able to capture these:
Way-to-Alb20160616_142053    Way-to-Alb20160616_171442

We stopped at this rest area – more and more desert-like. These shelters are thick cement or adobe, meant to protect against wind (at least a little) as well as sun.Way-to-Alb20160616_144153

Me next to one of the shelters.

Way-to-Alb20160616_143844 The local plants are beginning to look more like cactus. Some have small red flowers.

Looks like desert, but with signs like this, there must be farms nearby.

Rocks, more rocks, definitely not a flat landscape here.  Overwhelming, really.

Way-to-Alb20160616_170717  Way-to-Alb20160616_170756


Every so often a house or building sits all alone on a hillside, or a factory of some sort gives the feeling it was just dropped along the road.

In Georgia we have to use a whole sentence: “Bridge ices before road” or “Caution: Bridge may ice in winter” … here’s the New Mexico version:

Of course there’s not going to be any ice in June, no matter how you say it.  Below are some random views along the road:

Way-to-Alb20160616_170832   Way-to-Albuquerque20160616_140316




Arriving in Albuquerque – the first thing that struck us are the street names.  And the second thing was that the street lights are horizontal rather than vertical.

We bedded down at the Walmart parking lot on Wyoming Blvd in Albuquerque and prepared for our adventure on the Air Tram to the top of  Sandia Mountain.

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