San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico

June 17, 2016 – on way to the San Felipe (also San Philipe) Pueblo. The land seems very much a desert with mountains in the distancePueblo20160617_120915

and sometimes mountains or rocky hills along the sides …

not to forget the mesas ….. it’s a bleak but impressive landscape.

Below is a satellite view of the Pueblo from  Notice almost the complete lack of anything green (not counting the Rio Grande River along the right).  I always thought a river would be bordered by lush growth but I don’t see it much here.

We registered as guests at a Governor’s Building at the entrance to the Pueblo community.   Actually, we did this after wandering lost in the village for a while – there was a sign to register but we didn’t see where.

Finally, we stopped and talked to a Native American boy of about 12 who pointed us in the proper direction.  At the Governor’s Building, a clerk informed us that it was their rule to protect the privacy of the residents by not allowing pictures to be taken.  We then were free to drive around the streets.  Some of the houses looked quite new and even elegant, but others appeared so old we wondered if they are remnants of the original settlement founded in 1706.

Below is a picture of a street scene in the El Taos Pueblo, also in New Mexico.  I bought it from an online photo service since it is similar to what we saw driving the unpaved streets past adobe houses in San Felipe.  Pueblo houses usually have very thick mud walls which probably keep their indoor temperature stable, and which allow for some unusually shaped and artistic windows in some of the buildings.

Lunch was in the Pueblo Restaurant not far from the Pueblo’s Casino Hollywood, which we skipped.
Pueblo2-20160617_133342   Pueblo-casino

47425696 - traditional pueblo clay ovensAt lunch, we asked the waitress what the big circular mud things were which we had noticed in almost every yard throughout the Pueblo (left).  She said that they are called horno or adobe ovens in which the people bake their bread called “oven bread.”   Pueblo20160618_084609

We bought a loaf of oven bread at the Pueblo Restaurant.  It was a big circular loaf and tasted like … well, like bread.  And made wonderful French toast the next day. At right, you see it on our kitchen counter in TYRTLE.

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    What an interesting area!

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