Tucumcari, New Mexico

Tucumcari Mountain is visible from most places in and around Tucumcari.  NM-20160615_155014

June 15, 2016 ... We visited the Mesalands Community College Dinosaur Museum which is housed in an unpretentious building in Tucumcari.  Inside were replicas, models, and skeletal remains. There was a “digging for fossils” sandbox for kids.NM-DSC_5689


These are replicas of dinosaur embryos in their eggs.



Tom with a skull (left) and me on a saddled dino … okay, it’s a kiddie thing.


Below are some dioramas of what life may have been like back then:
NM-DSC_5713   NM-DSC_5703

And of course there was the required gift shop with souvenirs and educational items:

Nearby was what seemed a very small curio “Tepee” store that actually looked so decrepit we just had to go in.

It was surprisingly large on the inside, with a varied selection of items including a life-size Indian doll sitting on the shelf.  Don’t ask — I have no idea why he was there, but I don’t think he was for sale.



We didn’t actually expect to buy anything, but then saw the Navajo Indian Wedding Vase at left.  The wiggly black lines are horse mane and tail hairs incorporated into the ceramic glaze.

Traditional wedding vases like this are used during the wedding ceremony where both bride and groom drink from it.  June is our anniversary – how could we not have one?



“Route 66” is used all along I-40 which parallels the old Route 66 through many states from shore to shore ….. old gas stations turned into gift shops, old car museums, the motel below (why an airplane at a motel?), etc.

Pictures that just happened ….

I have no idea what this is … or if it is a house or a shop …. but it looked pretty cool as we rode past it, so I took a picture.NM-20160615_143254

I snapped the picture of the truck repair sign below …. only later realizing there’s a “NO TRUCKS ALLOWED” sign in front.   Uh oh.   Makes one wonder about the politics.

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