On the way to Mom’s 100th Birthday

tony_20180719_080819July 19, 2018 — Continuing on our way up the East Coast, we planned to get to New York by July 22 in plenty of time for my Mom’s 100th birthday party.  While still at the Biltmore stop in NC, however, we discovered that the back slider’s cap had torn which meant it could not be closed.  Here are the very nice repair people who came to our camp site at 7:30 a.m. to fix it.  And at left is Tom – actually up and dressed at 7:30 a.m.!!  This was just one of many things to go wrong this trip.  Be aware in case you are thinking that traveling by motorhome might ever save you money since you don’t need hotels … it doesn’t really quite happen that way.  On this trip, we started out with no problems whatsoever.  But then …

  1. The slider tore, as above
  2. The shocks on our jeep broke so that took another day
  3. The passenger window wiper broke in the middle of a rainstorm (of course – they don’t ever break when it is sunny!!)
  4. The black tank back-flush broke … but that didn’t slow us down at least …
  5. We had to get a jump from Good Sam because the battery went dead (We kept on the docking lights all night because we were parked in a scary area, but we didn’t realize they were running off the chasis batteries and not the house batteries).  The jump got us on the road but had knocked out the “smart” effects of the steering wheel – which meant no cruise, signals, horn, or wipers for miles until the repair center suggested we wiggle the fuse, and it worked!


tony_20180719_120631  tony_20180719_121119

When it wasn’t raining, the scenery was beautiful, with lush green and the Great Smoky Mountains in the distance.  North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states we have driven through.

tony_20180719_121323 tony_20180719_121330

We were getting nervous as we kept getting closer to the date and things kept happening — I think our repair list by the time we got home numbered 12 items.



Cute water tower of Mount Jackson, Virginia

We had planned to stay at the KOA in Cuddebackville, NY – 60 miles north of the party location, but the closest RV camp ground we could find.  It tickled me that there is a KOA at Cuddebackville, because that is where my father grew up and where his father owned the only grocery/gas station/post office in the town.  In the end, we cancelled the KOA  and just dry-camped at a Walmart nearby instead, since it was the last possible day to arrive, and it was still raining.  And it’s a good thing we did since on the way home we met someone who had been there and had been flooded out.

Following this truck kept us entertained for at least 10 minutes while we wondered what he was hauling – finally we passed him and saw it — it’s a helicoper!!  (I voted for an ostrich)

tony_20180721_164242 tony_20180721_163743

Finally — July 23, 2018 – our “home away from home” in New York — the Walmart about 10 minutes from my sister’s house, as seen from the driver’s seat.


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