On the way to Modesto

fuses20160712_143255July 15, 2016 – When red fuse lights go on, this is where you look … but finally all the maintenance that could be done was finished, and we were ready to begin traveling north toward Seattle.  First stop is a Walmart on the way to visit Cousins Joyce and Lane in Modesto, CA.

TYRTLE and MURTLE were intrigued by this sign for MYRTLE AVE … but we didn’t stop.


Lots of ground to cover, as we wanted to reach our next Walmart stop, at Bakersfield, CA, before dark – and what with the fuses and all, we didn’t leave until late afternoon.

And there we are, “boondocked” under a lovely flowering tree at the Bakersfield Walmart.

deskcycle20160714_120127As usual, I headed for the store – but not to be outdone, Tom rode 6 miles on the Desk Cycle which is always parked under our table.   If you want to get a bike for your house, this is the best one; smooth and quiet, you will actually want to use it.  Don’t even bother with the cheap ones since you will just throw them away.

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