Taking a Bath

June 8th, 2016 …. Tyrtle and Murtle noticed that they were dirty, and they were embarrassed.  So off we went to the Finish Line Truck Wash. It seemed a bit primitive by spa standards, but yet was quite popular with the Big Rigs.  Here we are in line.


Here one of the trucks in front of us is entering the building; There was really plenty of room, but it doesn’t look like it.  I kept saying, “we’re going in there???”


Okay, I give up … just how DO they get these big rigs into that little garage?


The team of young men worked very hard.  They washed and polished both vehicles – even their tail pipes.  Armoralled the tires, coated all glass with some kind of rain repellent.

wash-DSC_5475 wash-DSC_5462

Happy tires surely last longer.

wash-DSC_5476  wash-DSC_5477

She’s hard to see, but mini Murtle is still attached – she got washed too, without ever being disconnected.  Clever, these guys.  Getting dried off below, and ready for the road again.


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