Tiny RVs

August 8, 2016 — Driving along the road we saw the tiny RV above … it looked just like the one we had seen in the Route 66 museum on our way out west.   So when we saw an RV dealer’s lot with a bunch of them, we had to stop and look.  The new ones are really very cute — white with blue, red, yellow or green trim.  And they have all the  necessities — a little sink, stove, table with seats that can convert to a bed, A/C, and (of course) a TV.




tiny-rv-20160808_142219 There were a variety of bathroom designs – here you can see a shower room with the toilet actually right in it — a new variation of the shower with a seat, perhaps?

But the one with the commode in a cabinet right in the living room … well … that should win some sort of prize, don’t you think?


The price, on the other hand, was not so very small considering that these things don’t have an engine.  If you’re looking for an RV, you can do better.


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