Tour the Countess


The Monaco Countess Diesel Pusher is big:  She is 42 feet long, weighs 44,600 pounds, and has 3 slide-outs.   Her style is Ming Dynasty, with Ralph Lauren everything;  there is solid cherry wood including crown molding throughout.  Oh wow!!

Let’s take a tour ….

  • Living Room:


The cream colored leather couch sits under a picture window nestling right up against the kitchen counter beginning at the right side of the picture. The driver and passenger (pilot and copilot) chairs are matching cream leather recliners (not shown) that swivel around for a cozy living room when all front drapes are closed and The Tyrtle is parked with all her slides out.

Note the sculpted carpet and the Ming Dynasty pattern on the couch pillows which match the uupholstery on the dining room chairs and window treatments, below. There is a large storage drawer in the couch itself, in which are stored all the manuals and guides for finding RV campgrounds and for all the hundreds of parts of the Tyrtle herself.

  • Kitchen:


The Corian countertop has covers that fit over the two sinks (open) and the 3-burner stove (closed) which maximizes the counter space. Above the (invisible) stovetop, there is a convection microwave/oven (not shown). At left of the kitchen sink, see the cute little extension counter which lifts to create another foot of counter space. There is a row of “rope lights” along floor and lots of upper lights, closets, etc.

  • Dining Room:


Directly across from the kitchen is the dining room (the window shade is closed in the picture, and you can just barely see the window edging which matches the chairs.  The dining table is Corian like the kitchen countertop.  It pulls out to accommodate a leaf so that 4 people can eat, play cards, etc.  The other two matching chairs are folded up and stored under the bed mattress.

  • Office:


How could I do anything without an office?  And there it was — with a built-in desk.  The front desk drawer opens to hold a keyboard or laptop, while the side drawer is hinged with an odd-shaped slide-out holder. There is even a locked file cabinet.  The lamp has to be dismantled and laid on the red pillow for travel. Note the Ming Dynasty fabric design in the window treatment and matching lamp base.

Not pictured:  When stopped, you pull the curtains across the driving windows, turn the Pilot and Copilot chairs around, and with the office chair and the couch you have a complete and cozy living room.  With a big 42-inch TV no less, positioned for easy viewing above the Copilot window.

  • Hallway:


Leaving the Kitchen to pass down the hallway toward the Bedroom, you pass the 4-door Norcold refrigerator/freezer with doors paneled in wood. It runs on propane or electricity, depending on whether you are driving or parked.  We don’t have to set it — it has its own brain.

Just past the fridge is another set of cabinets housing the washer-dryer and a vanity with a 4-door mirrored cabinet and some drawers narrow enough to hold a single roll of wax paper. On the other side of the hallway is the largest of several Ming period pictures, next to the door of the Bathroom.

  • The Bathroom:


Above you can see the cute ceramic commode, with a tank full of electronics. The floor is the same ceramic tile as the kitchen area.  The window with its decorations is above the toilet.  There is another small picture on the wal above the sink under another 4-door mirrored medicine cabinet (not shown). Who has so much medicine?  The picture on the right is the full size one-piece fiberglass shower with built-in seat and “garden tub.”   The garden tub is about 3 inches tall — it is neither a garden nor a tub, so the name is a mystery, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?  In this picture the bifold door is wet because I just took my first shower.  There is a skylight and fan in the ceiling.

  • Bedroom


Finally, moving straight ahead and a sliding door that disappears into the side wall, you enter the surprisingly spacious Bedroom.  There is a Queen size bed, two night tables and a nice closet on each side, and lots of drawers and cabinets.  Mirrors cover the wall at the head of the bed and the sliding door closet to the right (not seen).  On the wall opposite the bed is another flat screen TV (can be seen in the mirror over the head of the bed.  The mattress lifts up to reveal the other two chairs for the dining room, a small square safe, and the motorhome’s engine.  People often keep special things under their bed, but a diesel engine?  I would never have thought it possible.

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2 Responses to Tour the Countess

  1. Suzy says:

    Very, very nice, Shula! I’m excited for you and your new adventures!

    I just got a convection microwave and don’t have much of a clue what to do with it yet, but I did cook a three pound beef roast to perfection in an hour yesterday!

    Please share info on how you put yours to use! You’ll be a master in no time if you aren’t already.

  2. admin says:

    Actually, I confess I haven’t used this microwave for anything more than hearing up a leftover piece of pizza …. and for storing bananas and fruit so they don’t go rolling when driving. I’d be happy for your roast recipe. :)

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