Views from our window

Views From the Window

You’ve probably seen the ads …. the gorgeous views to be had by those wandering the world in a motorhome …. Here is one of the travel ads’ stock photos:

So I thought I would document those views as we experience them.  Below are the actual views from our own window so far

First Night …. on the road in the snow … er … in a garage

Our first stop was to friend Ali’s garage for new tires.  Because of the snow, we had to wait until they would be delivered the next day. So we actually slept in TYRTLE inside the garage.  Here are the views from our window that night …

Somewhere on I-75 South about 77 miles from Atlanta …

All that laying down on the snow to connect MURTLE and TYRTLE caught up with Tom and he came down with a 102 degree fever.  Spent 3 days in bed at a Love’s Truck Stop with a McDonald’s.  Not too bad if you gotta be stuck someplace.

KOA in Tifton, Georgia …

The fridge was fine until the Apalachee RV people said it passed their inspection; after that it declined to work on propane which meant we had to run the generator at all times, using a lot of extra diesel.  At the Tifton stop, we were offered the services of a visiting repairman.  He was a nice guy, but sparks – fire – smoke and a snapping sound –  contributed to an “oops” experience.  He and his own family spent the holiday weekend driving 150 miles (twice) to Camping World where they got first the wrong and then the right replacement part and it has worked fine ever since.   Below was our view from the window of TYRTLE at the KOA in Tifton.  Nothing dramatically beautiful about it, but the people were very nice and friendly.View-Tifton-GA-20160215_102338

Davenport, Florida

We finally arrived at our Florida destination – a 55+ (seniors-only) RV resort called Kissimmee South in Davenport.  About 30 minutes from Disney, and everybody we have met is very friendly.  Many of these motorhomes and fifth-wheels have been skirted and turned into permanent homes.  Our neighbor in the home with the flowers has been here 23 years.


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