On the Road to Washington

July 28, 2016 – Driving north toward Seattle,  Mount Hood kept us company for quite some time.


mt-hood20160728_113409     mt-hood-village20160728_120835

What is a Snow Bunny?  I don’t know, but we saw the sign for it and almost – almost – went looking for it.


Below is some of the scenery we captured along the road north.

towash20160728_102557   towash20160728_102458


We continued to pass farms … below is one that looks like the house Topsy must have built …  there were so many buildings, each different.


Another of the ubiquitous trains connecting all parts of our country…

And cheerful people trains as well …. this one was seen as we neared Seattle.


Approaching Seattle …


It was surprising to see that each lane had its own speed limit.  Each of these signs are electronic, so the speed limits can be changed as needed.


Some interesting architecture.

seattle20160728_175301 seattle20160728_174754 

Earlier in the day we had passed some nicely decorated sound-barrier walls along the road


But closer to the city the walls were decorated by people instead …


We saw several double-buses on the road into the city – goodness, it’s longer than we are!


And here we are heading into the center of Seattle.  Something about the angles of the buildings relative to the road gives it an odd look from time to time … almost like we were headed into a Dr. Seuss-inspired city.



everett-rv-dsc_6875We had reserved a spot at Lakeside RV Park in Everett, about 28 miles north of Seattle.  It was by far the most citified RV park we had been in yet, although they claim to have a lake (which we never found).  When we first arrived, it looked like a crowded parking lot and there was nothing visible that looked even like a road to the inside.  Terrified we would end up somewhere we could not turn around, we just stopped in the middle of the left turn lane and I got out and crossed the street to scout the place out and find out where to go.  No problem.  Crowded – yes.  Not enough space between spaces to have a table or a chair, but here we are.  Actually, our lot was quite good, being at the very back next to the laundry.

Here are some shots of some of our neighboring RVs.



And here we are again.


This is a picture Tom took from underneath TYRTLE … he was trying to figure out how to replace the low beam light and identified the part (see arrow pointing to blue thingy).  However, he could not actually get it out, so we went to a nearby RV repair shop where we had to spend the night in our RV locked into their yard in order to get it fixed.


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    I love reading this chapter of your trip!

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