Recreational Marijuana Legal in Washington

pot-20160809_150317aApril 9, 2016 –   We had been noticing signs along the road advertising marijuana … lots of signs …pot-20160809_150341 pot20160808_141450    pot-20160809_150509And eventually we got up the nerve to go in one of the stores and see what’s going on.  Yes, pot is legal in Washington, and not just for medical uses.   The store was very clean and orderly with a large variety of items for sale.  The color motif in this store chain is green on black.

Here is Tom with the manager of the store, a young man who seemed quite experienced with the product.  They discussed the various techniques used to breed marijuana for particular medical or psychological characteristics.pot-20160809_151758

For external use, a marijuana cream has been created with the ingredient that works for pain but only a little of the one that creates a “high.”  Tom bought a small jar to see if it works for his neuropathy (it didn’t).  pot-20160809_151824

Of course it was imperative to buy a souvenir of some sort, and we considered buying one of these pretty blown-glass things , but finally decided to buy the little one with the company logo instead … to commemorate that here a company was not only permitted to sell pot but could brag about it, too.

pot-20160809_154133     pot20160809_171231

Perhaps the pipe will be added to Tom’s collection of tobacco pipes — or maybe not; the green glass really just doesn’t “go” with the rest of the collection.


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