Tyrtle’s New Stuff

One nice thing about having such a small home is that every little addition becomes a big deal.
Our newest acquisition, February 26, 2016: 

A tall narrow glass vase filled with plastic roses and real sand and shells from Clearwater Beach in Florida.

The vase is attached to the small ledge or shelf between the Pilot’s seat (driver’s seat) and the office desk, and keeps company with our ceramic turtle (“mini-Tyrtle”) which was a gift from Ed & Sheryl, and two rocks from the same beach.

All are (we hope) going to stay in place with Velcro while driving.

For anybody wondering … that is a wooden panel in back of the vase, not a curtain.  The shelf tops a narrow cabinet.  This coach has more cabinets than I know what to do with.


A Keurig machine now graces our Tyrtle’s kitchen.  Tom loves the red accents against all the cherry wood paneling.

And a new quilt graces the bed.  (All that “stuff” at head of the bed is just reflection in the mirrored wall).

Today we are off to Walmart to buy things like toothpicks, an air filter, and two pillows.

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    Added the vase, Feb. 26, 2016

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